Amy Jones-Goedecke

Amy is owner and CEO of both agencies, as well as Administrator of the Texas office and Assistant Administrator of the Oklahoma office.  Amy is married to Chris, and they have twins, Anna Kate and Christian.  She holds several degrees, including a Bachelor of Nursing from East Central University, a Bachelor of Arts – Psychology and Sociology, and is currently working to become a Nurse Practitioner through Graceland University.  She is passionate about the home care industry, has served on numerous committes and the Board of the Texas Association for Home Care and Hospice, and she also spends time lobbying on behalf of the millions of Medicare beneficiaries who desperately need home care services.  She states, “I am proud of the services we provide and the staff I have at both of my agencies.  Home care is such an important part of the health care industry, and I am honored to have been in the business for over twenty years.” She also enjoys spending time with her family, especially watching Christian play baseball and Anna Kate dance.

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